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Recommended Global Legal Networks

An international legal network is an organisation consisting of a group of independent law firms. The purpose is to expand the resources available to each member law firm for providing services to their clients.

LegalTrends APAC features some of the most well-regarded international legal networks with coverage of law firms in Asia, with an aim to assist law firms, lawyers and in-house counsels in Asia with their consideration.




Interlaw has successfully grown to an elite global legal practice with more than 7,000 lawyers in 140 cities thanks to the commitment and investment of its member firms, combined with the strength of its selection process. In particular, Interlaw consists of leading lawyers working together on a worldwide basis to provide high quality, cost-effective, value-added legal and business solutions. The organization is distinguished by its strong interpersonal international relationships, by knowledge and information sharing, and the ability to quickly mobilize legal experts globally in support of clients. [READ MORE]



Meritas is an established global alliance of closely connected, yet independent law firms that each offer a full range of high-quality, specialized legal services. It covers 182 law firms worldwide with over 7000 lawyers. Well established within their respective jurisdictions, Meritas’ firms span more than 70 countries.  It is distinguished by its stringent, invite-only requirements and diligent monitoring process that ensure all Meritas firms continuously deliver the optimal client experience. [READ MORE]


IR Global

IR Global is a fast growing international legal network, consisting of 850 members in 150 jurisdictions around the world. Over 200 members come from Asia.  The network is unique in a number of ways and its success story over the past 7 years is attributed to a number of factors. In particular, IR Global only allows one member for each practice area in each country. The focus on niche expertise provides clients with unrivalled service.   [READ MORE]



Multilaw is a major global network of 8500 lawyers across more than 100 countries. It is committed to quality when it comes to new and existing members of the network. It adopts comprehensive due diligence process which prospective members must successfully comply with before they are admitted to membership. Its existing members are subject to a rolling triennial appraisal in which they have to justify they are the best fit for the network in their jurisdiction. [READ MORE]