About LTA

LTA (LegalTrends APAC) is an online media platform that strengthens the bonding among law firms and corporates, lawyers and in-house counsels in the APAC region.  We recognise outstanding law firms and partners in the Asia-Pacific Region that provide excellent quality of legal service.  Our research focuses on the ability to provide practical legal solutions to clients with superb service that stands out from others.  LTA’s recommendations serve as valuable resources for clients and in-house lawyers looking for information in the Asian legal marketplace.   We also recognise influential in-house counsels working in the region, as a big applause to their contribution and effort made to the legal industry.


Our Aim

LTA’s aim is to provide an authoritative platform for legal clients to consider and select their best legal partners in the Asia Pacific region.

Our Research

LTA conducts research in over 10 major jurisdictions in the Asia Pacific, covering various areas of legal practice. We recognise law firms and lawyers which provide exceptional professional service to clients. Extensive research is conducted every year by our team of researchers. Upon receipt of nominations and conducting our research, legal awards are presented to honour legal elites in the industry. We do NOT rank law firms as we believe law firms and lawyers have different strengths in their practice. However, only law firms and lawyers that we consider are truly elites could enter as finalists to our awards and remain on our list of recommended law firms and lawyers.

We conduct extensive research throughout the year. Our researchers are multi-lingual, with most of them having legal background. Law firms and lawyers are considered based on their experience, expertise, knowledge and quality of service. Independent enquiries are also made to legal clients and general counsels about their feedback on an individual law firm and lawyer.

With all the information gather we hold in-depth meetings and discussions amongst our editors and researchers, to form our list of recommended law firms and lawyers. External judges are also invited to decide on each year’s legal awards in various jurisdictions.


Nominations may be made by law firms, lawyers, clients, in-house counsels and other legal working partners.  This is now open and new nominations can be made here.